How we do it

We build a competitive advantage and increase revenue growth through testing and optimization.

Clear deliverables

We work with clear deliverables to ensure optimal collaboration. These deliverables will be formulated up front, so you’ll know what to expect. Based on these deliverables we work towards structural online growth for your business.

Data-driven growth

Headcore is partnered with an industrial B2B company. For this company, we developed and implemented our process of measurable online marketing combined with business expertise. This process proved to be working so well, that we expanded it to other B2B companies. Later, we expanded into the B2C (startup/scaleup) market while using the same process of data-driven growth.

As of today, we continue to work with B2B and B2C clients in diverse international markets and continue to realize growth through a process of rigorous testing and extensive optimization.

Continuous feedback loop

We find client communications and the resulting continuous feedback loop to be of key importance in generating optimal results. That is why we have clear communications embedded within our way of working.

  • Weekly updates
    Every week we send a brief update by email explaining work done and highlight the KPI’s.

  • Monthly check-ins
    Every month we have a check-in by phone during which we discuss the progress and results (tactical level).

  • Quarterly strategy sessions
    Every quarter we have a meeting during which we evaluate the last quarter and define strategic goals for the upcoming quarter (strategic level).

“The cooperation with Headcore is a great success for Plugify: as Plugify’s digital partner Headcore is thorough, accurate and very cost-efficient. Headcore creates insight into the data, resulting in more sales at lower costs. Headcore really thinks about how Plugify can grow sustainably. I would highly recommend them.”

Eline Leijten
Founder & CEO – Plugify

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